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Swiss Insurance


Do you know that Switzerland is the world champion for private insurance solutions? According to a study, CHF6200 per person are spent every year on insurance. This is also one of the most important topics to think about when you manage a company in Switzerland. There are many obligations for each business, so having a professional advisor could be useful and help you save money in the long term. Certain products are mandatory, others – strongly recommended.

In order to help you find the most suitable solution for your business, we give you the possibility to choose from a broad choice of insurance companies. We check the offers with you, do a comparison and let you choose the best option.


We work with independant companies. They cover the majority of the insurance products you will need for your business. If you are planning to recruite employees, it is mandatory to think about accident coverage, pension plan and health insurance. Here are some examples of the solutions we can help provide:

  • Public liability
  • Legal protection
  • IT equipment
  • Pension plans
  • Operating loss
  • Accident and health
  • Pure risks
  • Vehicles
  • Real estate
  • And others


Do you know that there are insurances that can actually help you pay less taxes? The so called 3rd Pillar is one of them. For instance, in cantons like Geneva, people pay on average CHF 2300 less taxes by opting for this solution. And not only do you pay less taxes, but you also save money and receive interest on the insurance itself. The 3rd pillar can be a very interesting solution in case of mortgage. The indirect amortization based on this third pillar could provide interesting tax advantages. Find out more information about the Swiss third pillar here.

Another important coverage is the health insurance. It is mandatory for all Swiss residents. A part from the basic solution, you can opt for a complementary coverage. This can be interesting if you would like to have some additional services.

By working with several insurance companies, we guarantee our independence. We do the research, compare, and then discuss with you to find the best options. For example:

  • 3rd Pillar A or B
  • Health Insurance
  • Travel
  • Public liability
  • Home
  • Private legal protection
  • Special objects
  • Rental guarantee
  • Car insurance
  • And others