Swiss Accounting


When we speak about building a successful company and growth, each entrepreneur should have its mind set on the accounting of the business. In Switzerland, smaller companies can choose between keeping the accounting based on the cash flows or based on the date of the invoices. This can be an important point to think about if you give your clients longer pay terms. When a new company is started, entrepreneurs often need to reduce at maximum the fixed costs and facilitate the entries. Choosing a cash-flow based bookkeeping could then help you reduce the tax burden and concentrate on your business growth.

At Uzunov Consulting, our objective is to find the easiest and most profitable way for you to run your business. We advise you on the Swiss accounting rules, the deduction of your expenses, the invoicing and payroll procedures etc.

To have a performant accounting you also need a reliable accounting software. Our team helps you to find the most suitable IT solution. We can help you with the installation of the program, the initial settings and the follow-up. Uzunov Consulting is an official partner of on of the most used accounting softwares in Switzerland. We work with cloud based solutions like that helps us perform a real time accounting. We also provide services for complete ERP systems. The full list of our IT accounting partners is visible here.

Our Swiss accounting services include:

  • Bookkeeping

  • Payroll

  • Consulting and assistance for the closing of accounts

  • VAT follow-up


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